Our team

We are a group of international, lively and open-minded people. We meet around once a week, occasionally with some extra meetings. We have divided our organisation in several smaller teams.


The goal of the Resources team is to raise funds and aggregate sponsors that will facilitate the prosecution of TEDxTilburg’s events. The Resources team is also responsible for the acquisition of equipment and locations that are essential for making TEDxTilburg happen.


The goal of the Program team is to design the concept of TEDxTilburg event. The Program team is mainly responsible for designing the program of TEDxTilburg event in terms of the introduction, the subthemes, the speakers, the audience, the activities during the break and several follow up activities that will stimulate our audience’s senses.


The goal of the Experience team is to create the appropriate environment and context within the TEDxTilburg will take place. The Experience team is mainly responsible for what the audience will experience during the event in terms of senses, networking, connectivity, food, art workshops, activities etc.


The goal of the Communication team is to promote and communicate the vision, mission and values of TEDxTilburg through social media, pre-events and online chat platforms. The Communication team is also responsible for the internal communication among TEDxTilburg makers. Lastly, the Communication team is responsible for building and maintaining a community with our audience.

Audience & Community

The goal of Audience & Community team is to keep in contact with our audience and further connect our participants and attendants in order to build a community that can interact and exchange creative ideas so as to put their ideas into action.


The goal of Mitochondrion team is to preserve the well-being of makers, finance and stuff. The Mitochondrion team is mainly responsible for the selection of volunteers, making decisions and keep the soul of TEDxTilburg alive