Why are we looking for partners?

We are ambitious. Very ambitious. We are not alone in this ambition, nor can we do it alone. We seek to connect with organisations that can collaborate with us  achieving our goals. Perhaps, you could be the beating heart of a thriving community of organisations that support positive action with providing financial resources, services or products. We offer the connection with a strong innovative and international brand, an entry into a network of intelligent people and creative organisations and the podium to gain local and global exposure.

We care for our makers, speakers, attendees and partners. That is why we actively engage in ways to find out the best win-win. For our partners this means special events, exposure, networking opportunities and volunteers devoted to having a good relationship with each and every one of you. You can expect a year-round connection with TEDxTilburg and an ongoing conversation to create more revenue for your generous commitment, within the boundaries of the restrictions of our TED licence.



Curious enough? Get in touch!